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This is the icon journal of silvercaladan
Just another barely updated foray into graphics by one of the many obsessed. You'll see posts concerning movies none of you have ever heard of, or random graphics that have no purpose other than to occupy me. I don't listen to mainstream music; live with it. I usually forget to make brushes that I make myself available; if you see some in an icon post, don't be afraid to ask. Screencaps are always going to be made available as jpgs, and in batches. Don't ask for better quality; I don't have that much room on my harddrive. Layouts are always applicable on free accounts. All requests or gifts are not posted on this journal; it is up to the recipient to share their present. As a result, I don't post often because I hardly make more than six icons or one graphic at a time; I'm not gone, just biding my time.

Want, Take, Have
Credit me in your keywords with a link.
Just copy paste this into your keywords:

Icon by <lj user="wanderinglizard" />

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Please comment on the entry and say what you are taking.
I like to know what sort of home my beauties are going to.

Strictly forbidden.
Host all taken icons on your own webspace; same for layouts.
If you must share, don't host my things on your own webspace. Link back to here:

<a href="http://wanderinglizard.livejournal.com/profile" style="text-decoration:none">wanderinglizard</a>

I know it feels like tribute, but don't edit my icons.
Unless I specifically say the offerings are only bases.
Then you can go crazy.

Most of the outside brushes, gradients, what have you that I use come from livejournal. Therefore, check my friends and memberships to find credits. All non-livejournal, barely touched credits will be linked from the entry itself. Major credits are down below.